Valentine’s Day

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My son has a Valentine party scheduled for his Kindergarten class. I signed up for finger sandwiches and my all time favorite, party favors.

So I’m on my search to find something that is easy, practical and adorable. I’m thinking along the line of their class theme, busy bees.

So off I go to start planning and gathering ideas. If you know of any go sites or ideas, I would love to hear from you.

Bat Bag – Party Favor for Halloween

October 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

For my son’s school Halloween party, I signed up to do the party favors and than realized I had to scramble to figure out what kind of party favor.  I wanted to stay away from the usual plastic baggy with candy type party favor.  So who did I turn to?  Well, of course, Martha!  I went to the Martha Stewart website and found these adorable bat bags.

Of course, everything Martha does looks easy but these bags were definitely easy and adorable.  I decided to do a safety theme along with the bag, taking into consideration that most party favors will already have candy plus you have the actual day of trick or treating with more candy.

Glow sticks, reflectors and a goody would be my ingredient to the safety theme.  I also created a sticker for the back of the bag to let them know it was a safety kit and to remember safety when trick or treating.

I made some minor modifications to Martha’s instructions that turned out very similar to her bags as shown here.

I used sheer ribbon about 1/2″ thick instead of the seam binding and did not punch holes through the yellow moon and bag to tie on.  Instead, I knotted the ribbon in the middle and glued it to the moon.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on purchasing the alphabet letters in stamps which cost over $14.00.  I was in luck and found the “trick or treat” stamp for 99 cents at Michael’s Art and Craft store.  In reality, I feel any Halloween stamp would do.  I purchase a purple ink stamp and opt out on the scalloped-edge scissors that went for $35.00 at a fabric store and the sales clerk was kind enough to let me know that I just missed out on their 50% off sale.  I made a mental note to purchase when they went on sale again.  So I hand cut the scallops, which I have to say was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I already had a 3″ punch hole and used it for the yellow moon.  It was convenient that I already had most of the materials to use.

The supplies you need are very minimal.  This is even a project your child can help you with.  Either with the punch hole, gluing the moon or stamping the bag.

As for the goodies, during the holidays you’ll find some very nice items at a reasonable cost.  I found the reflecting stickers at Michael’s along with the glow sticks.  The reflecting stickers were .49 cents for four strips on one sheet.  I cut the reflectors into individual strips.  The glow sticks were also .49 cents with two glow sticks per package.  This is were I get excited of finding great deals for minimal costs with the outcome and still be creative and functional.

I created some labels (4×2) with the content of the bag and it’s theme, “safety kit”.  I found some pumpkin baking molds at Jo-Ann’s Fabric and figured I can always use the molds for several occasions and plus they were 60% off.  Another deal!

I baked chocolate pumpkins using regular cake mix and wrapped them individually in a cellophane bag and used green and orange tie wraps.  I was pretty happy with the outcome.  Since I was making 24 bags for my son’s class, I decided to make a few more and pass them out to my friends.  The bags were a hit with my friends and their children.  They appreciated the consideration of making safety kits and liked the simplicity of the bag, along with the design being very inviting for small children.  All-in-all, it was a big hit.

Sandra’s Saucy Salsa

October 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

I came in contact with my high school friend, Sandra and she invited my husband and I to a dinner.  Her food was amazing, flavorful and presentation was great.  Her salsa was so tasteful!  Sandra shared with me how she is thinking about starting a business and packaging her salsa, green and red but would need to have a label design and business cards to start the process.  Oh man, if she only knew, my head was going….ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!  I asked if I could help her design her labels and cards and she agreed.  I have to say she was a brave soul, not knowing my work and what kind of design I would come up with.  I saw this as another opportunity to ONE, help a friend out.  I am a strong believer of sharing our talents with each other to make us more successful in life.  I love seeing people’s dreams come true and if I can be a cheerleader on the sidelines, just tell me where to get the pom poms and I’m there.  TWO, any chance I can get to improve on my photo shop skills and to be creative is heaven for me.  So we were a match, she needed a design and I love getting my creative groove on.  Okay, Okay, I’m starting to get corny but you get the picture.

We had another discussion after to get her vision on what she was looking for.  She gave me color schemes and pretty much let me go at from that point.

Check her out on facebook at Sandra’s Saucy Salsa!

Sandra was looking for a label with vibrant colors that represent our Hispanic heritage.  She was looking for the strong yellows, oranges, greens and reds.  I love how a royal blue also adds to these combos, so I went ahead and incorporated that blue with the others.  I also added a touch of the Aztec calendar.  The outcome was bold, bold bold, which translates to WOW!

Sandra was happy with the labels and so was I!  I was very pleased how the colors with the design blended well with each other.

So this is Sandra’s Saucy Salsa making it’s premiere, hot off the press.   Sandra was really happy with the results, so I figured I should use the same design for the business cards.

Here’s to my friend, Sandra.  Wishing her all the best in her new endeavor.  May you have much success and happiness in your passion!  Good Luck, my friend!

Mickey and Friends Halloween Party

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For my son’s Halloween Party last year, I wanted to choose a theme that was not too harsh for 4 year old and surfed around and came across the Disney website with their yearly Halloween theme.  Tons of ideas and downloads, this was perfect, just what I was looking for, cute, good for 4 year olds and not harsh at all.

So starting with the invitation, since it was a small size party. I did my own invites.  I designed a front cover and inside insert and attached them to a black card-stock note card and it was pretty much done.  I found the graphics on the internet and available under the free downloads link.

I used the same design and had a banner made to use as a background for photos.  Along with the banner, I came across these props at all places Albertson’s.  I was at Albertson’s the day before the party and the store had these adorable props in the candy area.  Being that it was the day before Halloween, I did my usual asking and to my dismay they said YES, I could take them and FREE on top of that.  I was so excited and put up my banner with my Mickey and Minne props.

With the banner and props, my decorations consisted of small pumpkins decorated as Micky Pumpkins.  I purchased the foam pumpkin faces at Michael’s Arts and Craft store and used the cut out ears from the Disney website and glued them to the pumpkins.

Along with the kit for the pumpkin faces, the pumpkin shape foam was left over so I took the Disney Pumpkin shapes that are intended for streamers and used them for the pumpkin shape foam as pictured on the left of this photo.

I also purchased orange and green paper lanterns from my all time favorite, Michael’s, and also added the same pumpkin face and ears and hung them on our tree.

Here are a few photos of the set up and the party.  My son had a blast with all his friends and family.  The trick-or-treat bags were a hit with all the kids and we also did some hand prints that later were turned into bats for the hands and ghostly goblins for infants who feet we used instead of their hands.

The Disney website has several ideas and free downloads to add to your Mickey Mouse Halloween Party.  I used their place mat download and laminated for the place setting and each child added their name with a sharpie pen and each child was able to take home their place mat.  Check out their website and remember, you don’t have to stay within the box.  If the website doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, be creative.  I couldn’t use some of their ideas but I took the ears and used it for my pumpkins, I took the pumpkin streamers and used it with the pumpkin kit from Michael’s and used it for my centerpieces.  So remember, be creative.




Hello world!

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This is my first attempt at a blog and would like to invite you to visit frequently for updates.  After so many of years of planning and providing my own designs for my son’s parties and also for friends who know of my creative side, I will now like to share them with the rest of the world.

My attempt is to provide ideas, share and provide feedback both ways on my various adventures of new ideas for various type of events and parties.

I am one who rather create my own design to a Micky Mouse theme instead of buying the commercial theme available at party stores.  Also, some may think it’s more expensive but I beg to differ that it is not.  Especially if you do many parties and when you buy in bulk, you can use it for several occasions and for many years to come.

I also do a lot of researching on the internet for my ideas and come across several great websites and vendors.  I would also like to provide those links here since I am already out there researching and hopefully save you some time and frustration.  I don’t claim to be the best in my designs but I feel that they are pretty good and would like to forward them on to who ever would be interest in using them.  My friends and I have no problem copying ideas from each other, we always say, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, plus it saves a lot of time and we “Mom’s” know that is one thing that is short on our list.

LEGO Theme Party

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I just recently did my son’s 5th birthday party and he wanted a LEGO theme.  There isn’t much out there to use for a LEGO theme and the party supplies stores are very limited.  Even though I came across some great websites, my son’s party was small and I did not go the full length as I usually do.  I don’t think there are any copyrights infringement since the LEGO website does provide some downloads for posters, stickers and much more.

Of course, the first thing after selecting your theme is doing the invitation.  Of course two weeks after my son’s party, I was at the LEGO store and they started carrying a party pack.  It comes with 10 invites, 10 goody boxes and 10 mini figure of a male figure with a t-shirt that says “Happy Birthday”.  It was around $60 bucks, I was a little disappointed but actually figured that it would be more expensive since I had 20 kids at the party.

I decided to design my own invitation and sent it off online to my closet Wal-Mart photo center and got the photos made 4×6, matte.  15 prints came out to $3.06.  I found the LEGO font on the internet and downloaded and created the LEGO logo with my song’s name.

I had a small cake for the adults and cupcakes for the kids.  I found over and over again, I am seeing that kids really enjoy the cupcakes and it’s easier to handle and distribute.  Also, it’s a lot cheaper plus you can do so  many different things when it comes to topping the cupcake.

I was lucky that my local VONS had a sale on cupcakes.  A dozen for $4.99, you can’t beat that.  The one thing I did find that you have to be very specific on the buttercream.  I had made a previous order for my son’s school and I wanted a bright orange and bright blue, the baker decided on her own to spray on the color and told me the reason why she did it was that when you put the color in the buttercream, your teeth turn the color of the buttercream.  Well, I wasn’t to happy with the spray, it was decent but it did not have the vibrant color I was looking for.  The next time I ordered them I told the baker, regardless of color teeth or not, I wanted the color in the buttercream not sprayed.  This is the result of the vibrant color being in the buttercream.

Got some great ideas at Printables by Amy and made my own cupcake toppers using photoshop.  I found the minifigure pictures on the internet and created and 3″ circle with inner circles, using only two colors, bright orange and blue and alternating the colors.  I bought a 3″ hole punch at Michael’s.  I will add all the minifigure pictures that I found for easy access to anyone who would like to use them.  I purchased the lollipop sticks also at Michael’s and used double-sided tape.  The kids just loved the toppers and choose which minifigure they wanted.

For the parties that I usually have, I made the decision from early one not to do games for certain age brackets.  This is my own personal feeling from seeing little ones not really understand the concept of winning and on top of that, the winner walking away with a prize while the loser doesn’t.  I’ve seen many crying faces and decided when started throwing my son’s birthday’s that crafts are a better way of keeping the kids occupied and they all walk away with a prize/gift.

Since this was a smaller party, I only went with one craft.  I have these tote bags that I used from a previous party and decided to use them again since it was a hit.  I purchased t-shirt transfers (Wilton) from Michael’s and copied the LEGO logo.  It was a pretty easy with Wilton’s instructions and their online set up, I put two logos on each transfer.  I ironed on the transfers to the tote bags and each child personalized their own tote bag using fabric markers.  I also personalized one for the birthday boy.  In my photo, you’ll also see that you can get very creative and personalized and add minifigures if you like.  I decided not to personalize each bag with the transfer since I wasn’t sure who would be attending and sometimes extra people show up and I wouldn’t have a tote bag for them, so I decided with just the logo and each child can do what they like with them.

As for the goody bag, you be surprise what a little please will do.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to put in the goody bag that is related to LEGOs and keep the price minimal.  At one time, KELLOGGs had fruit snacks in LEGO shapes but I found even though Wal-Mart is still showing them in stock, they are not available.  So I did my usual scoping out the LEGO store and found a great deal, a blue brick key chain for 99 cents, yes, a whopping 99 cents!  I later found some online for the same price but those went quickly but that is another area to keeping scoping out if a LEGO store is not local to you.  So as I grabbed 22 LEGO key chains, the cashier was surprised with my purchase and I went on to tell her that I was planning a LEGO theme party for my son.  In our conversation and as she was bagging my items, I asked if it would be possible to have 20 of their small bags.  With my surprise, she said yes.  My motto is “always ask’, what’s the worst they’ll say, “no”.  If so, than we move on to the next thing.  I’ve done this with Disney and they’ve also given me bags and boxes.  The boxes are no longer given as gift boxes for free, you now have to purchase them.  Back to the goody bag, I scored with the free bags and put the key chain with a box of crayons that I purchased for 25 cents each (back to school special at Wal-Mart), and Sunkist fruit snacks.